What is this all about?

Create. It’s in you. Tap into it. Release it into the world.

This website is a forum and community that allows you to showcase your unique personality and step outside everyday stresses and get lost in the freedom of personal expression. Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are what that is all about. Creativeyouaremydeer was created for this reason. Inspiration, tips, good music, pledges, motivation, post your own DIY’s, it’s all here!

DIY projects are close to my heart.  The truth is, I am no expert and that’s the point! No degree, no qualifications! It is a space that allows growth and mistakes to be made.

Idea, make, share. The three simple words that describe this website.

Why deer? Come on…you had to be thinking it?

Deers are known for their magical ability and being in touch with life’s mysteries. Creation in life is a mystery followed by magical events, just like deers. I like to think that we are all deers when we create, connecting to the unknown.

The site is like an empty room, full of an endless amount of opportunities. Come on in! Take off your shoes, put on some good tunes, roll your sleeves up and get to work. Enjoy the light and make yourself comfortable. Only amazing, marvellous things can happen from here.

Empty room with windows

Finally, I hope you join me in unleashing the wild magic that is our own creativity.

Because creative you are my deer.


A fellow deer





Shoutout to https://www.flickr.com/photos/loozrboy/7292387798 for the sweet empty room picture. (click pic for direct link)