Why, it could be…Greased Light’nin’!

Halloween! What a time to be alive! Scary movies, candy, chips, screaming children at your door, and cavities! What more could you dream for in one night! Halloween is a night where you could dress up and have fun with a costume. Last minute costumes are a very real thing and here is a quick DIY to help with a last minute Danny Zuko costume.

My brother and his girlfriend went as Danny and Sandy from the ever so classic Grease movie. My brother is a last minute person and didn’t even know what he was going to be until 3 hours before he had to go out. We ended up going to some Halloween stores only to find literally NOTHING and one sad leather jacket that smelled like bad fake leather for $40! What the heck, $40 for a freaken jacket made of the cheapest materials.

Danny is known for his “T-Birds” jacket.

I needed do make something that was not permanent and fast!

  1. Locate a leather jacket that you own.
  2. Find online a T-Birds outline (literally so many possibilities on Google).
  3. Determine desired size then print it out.
  4. Cut out the words, glue them to construction paper, then cut them once again.
  5. Since this is not permanent you are going to take the words you just made and set them to how you would like them on the jacket.
  6. I used big rolling tape-like the ones people use to close boxes- to hold everything down. This was the quickest thing I could think of and what would actually ensure that the words did not fall off during the night. close up of "T Birds" jacket

Just as extra information a lot of people complemented my brother’s jacket, this could have been an alcohol induced compliment but that’s besides the point.

Grease your hair back, put a fake cigarette behind your ear, wear either a black or white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, some Converse and carry a tiny comb and you are set!

Thanks to my brother who didn’t even take a full a picture of his costume from that night and shoutout to my sister who made me take a picture of her with the jacket the next day because my brother didn’t want to get up.

Happy Halloween!



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