Box of Hope

Ah, the Box of Hope! One of my fav DIY’s. I made this as a part of my sister’s graduation gift from UofT. A simple sentimental gift  that will have the heart melting for whoever you give it to!
full view of box gift with a bobblehead graduate and plant beside it when lights in the background

  1. To start off you will need a wooden box, preferably with glass in order to see inside. This isn’t necessary, but I personally like how you can see through it without having to open the box. A perfect decor piece and beautiful reminder to wake up to. The box I purchased is from Michael’s.
  2. I got purple washy tape (the holy grail of DIY’s) and covered the front of the box with it. I thought this provided a nice accent and would later match the purple background I printed the quote on. My sisters favourite colour is purple, but feel free to customize it specifically to the special person that will be receiving the gift.
  3. full view of box gift with a bobblehead graduate and plant beside it when lights in the backgroundI found this quote on Pinterst and fell in love! How adorable and creative?! I made my own version of the quote on Microsoft Word, and grabbed a purple ombre background from Google to paste behind.  Here’s the quote that you can copy and customize how you would like:

 A STAR to remind you to keep shining

 A PAPER CLIP to help you hold your things together

An ERASER to fix all the small mistakes

A LOCK to keep all your secrets safe

A PENNY so that you’re never broke

A RUBBER BAND to help you stretch beyond your limits

 After I printed and cut it out and hot glued it, how easy!

a close up of the quote used in the box  4. The perfect thing about this DIY is that I found all the objects for the box in my house. The star came from a pack I had purchased from Dollarama. Paper clips, obviously come with the life of being a student! An eraser as well, lol, I just cut it to make it smaller in order fit in the box. The lock is from an old embarrassing diary. I kept some pennies after they were discontinued here in Canada, you can always change it to NICKEL if you don’t have a penny. Rubber bands are always randomly everywhere in my house.

5. Before you get gluing, plan everything out and place everything to ensure you are satisfied with how it looks. You can’t go back from a hot glue gun mistake. Just kidding, but seriously it’s probably the greatest commitment you make in life when you officially glue it down.

close up of DIY showing the inside of the box

6. Your Box of Hope is done and ready to be sent to its new owner.  Have fun with wrapping and be creative with how you gift it to them. The receiver of the gift is going to love your personal touch and appreciate the hand-made, one of a kind gift, just like them!


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