Your very own mini me

Hello, deer friends this right here is a personalized mini model I made for my brother when he graduated from university. Obviously, as you can see this is a personalized gift that cannot be exactly recreated and copied, but I hope you gain some inspiration and can tailer this DIY to whoever you give it to!
full view of DIY bobblehead in the middle and surrounding objects such as a mini dog, soccer ball, picture frame, jersey and book shelve
1. The first thing you probably want to do is order your bobblehead, the centre and main focus of this DIY. I ordered mine online and had it made personally to match my brother. I sent in photos, filled out physical traits and was emailed the whole process to confirm that I was satisfied with the final product before shipping. This may take some time so I recommend doing this step first.

2. Buy all the supplies you will need. Once you have decided what key qualities you want to showcase in this DIY you need to find pieces to match that.

3. Miniatures are your best friend with this project. You need to keep proportions in mind so everything aesthetically looks pleasing to the eye. I bought a mini Siberian Husky from DeSerres since our family dog is a husky named Duke and one of my brothers favourite animals. The mini soccer ball I purchased from Party City and is actually a bouncy ball. They had all other sport equipment as well but soccer is my a fav sport of my brothers. I placed those on the floor as they are bigger and looked best there.

4. Next, it’s time for the shelf of life. I purchased all the miniature books from Michaels. I decided to size and print mini covers for the book. The first three books follow my brother’s education, then his place of work, followed by a “to be continued…” book to symbolize that more is to come and that he will continue to grow. The globe I purchased from Michaels is to signify that he loves traveling and all the possibilities of places he can travel to. The genie lamp I bought at an independent shop in Downtown Toronto, this represents the possibilities of his wishes coming true.

FYI: Mod Podge glue is the best to use in this case. Make sure to apply pressure and hold down the items to ensure they stick. close up of mini book shelve

5. Family love is everything and means a lot to my brother. I took a mirror miniature that I bought from Michaels and glued a family picture inside it. They didn’t have any mini frames so using a mirror is an alternative choice. I found an older family photo, scanned it to my computer, sized it to cover the mirror then glued it. I used hot glue to hold down the frame as it’s a little heavier.

6. Boxing is a passion of my brothers. Finding miniature boxing gloves was not easy! I ended up buying a pack of boxing glove charms from Etsy. I tied them together and wrapped them around a mini hook that I glued to the background.close up on mini picture frame of my family and mini boxing gloves hanging below it

7. As I mentioned before my brother loves soccer ands is a die hard AS Roma fan! I made this mini jersey out of felt and printed a tiny Nike logo as well as the team crest and glued it on. I found the hanger again from Michaels in the miniatures section.

close up of mini AS Roma jersey made from felt

8. Finally, the “set” that holds everything was made with the help of my father (shoutout to my dad who came in clutch with this). We used old spare flooring to make the floor and wall. Being extremely careful, my dad made the tiny shelf that we later used special wood glue to hold down.

full view of DIY bobblehead in the middle and surrounding objects such as a mini dog, soccer ball, picture frame, jersey and book shelve
My brother loved the gift and was truly taken back at how personalized and unique the gift was! Take this DIY and alter it to fit who ever you give it to! It is a guarantee that whoever you give this to will love it.

This DIY is not responsible for actually granting wishes via genie lamp.


A fellow deer