Last minute gift: quick and simple!

Shit, I don’t have anything to get (fill in blank), I’m screwed!

Has this ever happen to you, well deer friends I have a solution for you.

(literally sounds like a bad, old 2000’s informercial)

In all reality, this could actually happen and has happened to the best of us. Life’s messy and busy and we forget sometimes about the ones we love and special days!

That is exactly what happened to me one Mothers Day. It totally slipped my mind and I had purchased a gift with my siblings but it’s the hand-made gifts that my mom looks forward to. I had to do some quick DIY thinking and used the resources I already had and made something beautiful.

close up of candle with family photoI usually save old candle holders, and at a time like this I am reminded why! My mom calls it hoarding but I call it collecting for future use.

  1. To remove any extra wax that may be stuck on the bottom you can either freeze then chip away, or boil in a pot with water and pour wax out once it becomes liquid.
  2. Find a picture of you and the loved one you are gifting this to. I’m a sucker for nostalgia and went through old family photos and found this one of my mom and siblings.
  3. I then scanned the picture, sized it, and thought it looked best cropped in a circle, then printed it!
  4. To spice it up I mixed Mod Podge and glitter then essentially painted the inside of the holder. This also aids in securing your picture.

4 simple steps will give you yet another personal gift and is guaranteed a hug and “I love you.”



A fellow deer