Thank you for letting me see a piece of the world

I believe travelling is the greatest gift you could give someone. The opportunity to expand your mind and see a piece of this big  earth is a gift like no other! I am extremely blessed that one year in high school my parents gave me the gift of going to Europe with my friends and teachers. It was an unforgettable experience and knew that before I left I wanted to do something special. One day cruising through Pinterest (best procrastination tool) I came across a pin similar to this one. I took the essential idea and adapted it.

close up of Portugal and Spain 2014 DIY with "Thank you mom and dad" pictures below1. The first thing you want to do is probably plan this DIY ahead of time unless you have access to a printer on your trip. I  printed on 5 separate sheets “Thank You Mom & Dad.”

2. I kept the papers in my purse while on my trip so I would have them on hand. Whenever I felt the energy of a magical spot I would ask my friend to take a photo. The best part about this is that all the pictures are form different cities and towns within Portugal and Spain.

3. I originally planned to take all my pictures vertically but didn’t really have a frame in mind. If you have a frame in mind before-hand then you can take the pictures or edit them to fit within those measurements. I found this frame at Ikea and it was relatively cheap.

4. I printed the pictures out, laid them out as I wanted and glued them down. Keep in mind when gluing them to look out for air bubbles and try to smoothly place them down.

5. My personal penmanship is not the best, so I asked a family friend to write “Portugal and Spain 2014” for me with a silver Sharpie.

close up of Portugal and Spain 2014 DIY with "Thank you mom and dad" pictures below
My parents were so surprised and taken back by the gift, and ended up hanging it up in our house.

Whenever I see it, it is a nice reminder of good times with good people in one hell of a place.

You can totally alter who the thank you is for! Have fun and make it your own.

I thank my lucky stars everyday for the parents I have been given and felt that this DIY was a little thank you for that.

The world is yours, take it.



A fellow deer.