Oh deer! Santa’s helpers

Deer friends here is a DIY incorporating a reindeer! I have noticed the online  trend of having fake deer heads on wood plaques. I personally made this for the Christmas season but it could stay up all year  as a decor piece if this is your aesthetic. piece of wood painted white with a black reindeer attached 1. To make this deer friend you first want want to grab some wood, the possibilities are endless. I have seen so many versions, it truly comes down to personal style. I found this piece of wood at my cottage in a pile of forgotten wood. So I obviously had to take it and make something of it! I cut and sanded it down to its desired size. It has this unfinished, rough look that I love!

2. Paint your wood your desired colour, white goes with my room and the theme I have.

3. Okay, so getting to the actual reindeer part. I first had printed an outline of a deer, cut the inside out and essential made a stencil. When I went with black paint to fill in the deer, things went south. When I removed the paper the reindeer was a mess and paint had gone outside the original lines!

4. After covering that mess up with white paint again, I had another go. This time I decided to print out a deer outline, cut out the deer, paint it black to make it stand out more, since the ink was not as vibrant, and glued that directly on the wood. I found this method much easier than the stencil method and liked the outcome much better!

piece of wood painted white with a black reindeer attached, with red flowers

Now you have this cute festive piece that stands out and takes little time to make!



No actual deers were harmed in the making of this DIY.


A fellow deer