Wall of love through pictures

For the longest time the wall above my desk has been empty, nothing, nada, no fun. I started collecting pictures over the past year and also took some pictures I already had to create this personal wall decor.

full wall of pictures The pictures are from little towns in Ontario, places I’ve travelled to in Europe, vintage shops and some I made myself!

To start off, I always kept an eye out for frames, because those things are expensive! I found the top right one that says “..but the sun always comes out tomorrow” at a garage sale. It was in pretty bad shape when I bought it for 50 cents. With some cleaning, a new paint job and new picture to go inside it looked new as ever.


Also one day I was riding my bike at my cottage and found these two frames at the curb of someone’s house.

original frames, brown with nails in them
Of course, I carried them on my shoulder and brought them back to my cottage on my bike. In all honesty I went in my dad’s tools box and found these scissor looking things, which helped me remove all the nails from the frames. After that I sanded the frames down and brought them home to officially begin the DIY process.

1. Flower power

close up of purple frame with tiny vases with fake flowers

close up of purple frame with tiny vases with fake flowers




I took one of the frames and painted it a dark purple. To fill the frame I took some twine that I had from Michaels and these little vases from the Dollar Store and tied them together. I hot glued the strands to the back of the frame then added some fake flowers. Since the frame did not have anything on the back to hold to the wall, I screwed in a hook to the back and wrapped a strong fishing hook like string on the back. This created an anchor and made it possible to hang on the wall.

2. Polaroid fun

close up of light green frame with polaroids hanging

close up of light green frame with polaroids hanging

The next frame I painted a light green. Grabbed some string in my house, cut it into 3 strips and hot glued that to the back. I found the mini clothing hangers from a dollar store because they are way to pricey at Michaels! Some of my favourite polaroids with the best people during awesome times I hung within this frame. This frame also did not have anything to hang to the wall, so I repeated the same steps from “flower power”. I love being able to look up when I’m doing my work and be reminded of good times when I’m stressed.

full wall of pictures

Have fun and personalize your wall, it will change over time as you continue to grow!
The best of luck my friends


A fellow deer