Ornaments, ornaments and more ornaments

Ornaments are a staple when it comes to Christmas and I love spicing up my room for the holiday season with them!

1. Show the window some love!

hanging ornaments on window rod

hanging ornaments on window rod

hanging ornaments on window rod
yarn and box of ordamentsI bought these mini ornaments from Home Sense (great seasonal store) tied them to some white string.  After I tied them to the pole holding my curtains on my window. Make sure to secure them tightly to avoid any unwanted mess in the future!

2. Books need Christmas too!

hanging ornaments in bookshelfI did essentially the same thing I did above but this time I just taped them to the top of my bookshelf. It gives my books a little love and Christmas feel…HOLIDAY FEELS FOR EVERYONE!

3. Alternative x-mas tree

ornaments hanging on cork board in the shape of a treeI did this last year and thought that I would show you this option if you don’t have a Christmas tree in your room but still want the feel of one! I basically took some twine and hung it to look like a snapshot of a tree. I pinned it down to how I would like it, then added the ornaments! This is a little cheeky alternative to your classic tree.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends!



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