Tis’ the season to be broke…Gift Guide 2017

Merry Christmas deer friends! Can you hear that…

It’s not santa’s sleigh or the carollers singing…it’s your bank account and it’s crying and historically.

Christmas is all about the gift of giving and luckily in this day and age, that gift is so damn expensive you’ll be begging to take extra shifts at work!

Buuut in all serious talk I love buying gifts, even if that means I have to tighten my belt a little. The whole process of watching someone open your gift is life’s little joys that you have to appreciate because before you know it it’s gone.

Buying presents isn’t always easy so I’ve put together a little gift guide to help you out!


  1. The gift of “get off your phone”

Books are a great gift to give people that little push to experience life in a completely different way. Fiction books can be a little tricky if you’re not sure what genre that person you are buying for prefers. A safe bet I’ve recently discovered is poetry and self-help books. Especially if who you are buying for is a busy person these books are perfect reads to put down and pick up again from time to time!


2. Personalization 

I live in the Toronto area and went to the one-of-a-kind show! It’s a trade show full of homemade, unique and you guessed it one of a kind things! I picked up some bits for my friends that I thought they would love!

The cat plant holder is from Vilks Pottery on Etsy!

The cute lil pillow is from Sun + Stars.

The decor plates can be found at www.wolfdottir.com.

3. For the gamer we all know one

This is the gift for the video gamer lover, these things are not cheap. Since I’m not personally into gaming I know very little about this whole world. I simply asked my cousin which game he has been wanting and went to EB Games to get one. I give you a $75 CAN disk…enjoy.

4. The “movie goer”

Have any TV or movie buffs in your life? Etsy is full of customized clothes so you can show a loved one just how much you remember about them. My brother loves the Rocky movies and always says the line “if he dies, he dies.” I thought it would be funny to buy a t-shirt that said that for him! The shop I bought this gift from is called ‘IWGCustoms.’ I would recommend them, I love the product and shipping did not take long!

5. Let’s wrap it up!

Once you have your gifts ready to go, now the fun part (for some people). I love wrapping gifts and getting creative with it. This does not have to break the bank, I bought my wrapping paper from Home Sense for around $5-$7 CAN each. Places like Home Sense are great to buy cards at and gift tags as well! Some cards I purchased at the OOAK show. Any other boxes or added decor I recommend going to your local DollarStore.

Interested in the cards I have? Most were purchased at www.papertrailsdesign.com

Here are some ways I wrap my gifts..

Happy Holidays deer friends and remember the holidays aren’t all about gifts…

It’s all about the cookieess!


A fellow deer