Second-hand mourning pt.2

It has officially been a week and a day since the death of my brothers best friend. The funeral has come and gone, and the distant acquaintances have been seen. When I first received the news I didn’t really cry, but something about physically being in a space where you are surrounded by the family … More Second-hand mourning pt.2

Second-hand mourning

The world was been…blurry? Is that even the right term for all the mess us humans have created? I’ve been feeling a sort of disconnect with my surroundings and generally life events. As scary as things in the greater scheme of life have been, in my own life bubble things have been just as scary. … More Second-hand mourning

Travel Inspiration

Have the travel bug? Or know someone who has the travel bug? This gift is perfect to remind a family member, friend or even yourself that the possibilities are always endless and that the world is yours. To make this DIY I cut the shape of the map out of an old cork board I … More Travel Inspiration

Making things new again

I received a light up letter “A” last year for Christmas from Michaels. It was a rusted brown colour, and recently something about it was not fitting in my room anymore. Instead of throwing it out, I gave it a mini makeover. I painted the inside of the letter blue. I made sure to take … More Making things new again

Let it Snow

Snow is essential for the winter here in good old Canada, eh! So it seemed appropriate that for the winter season I add some snow to my room without the actual temperature of it! I found this DIY on Pinterest and just copied how to make the snowflake. This is super simple, based off these … More Let it Snow