Creative Pledge

Creative humans alert (which means all of you reading this)!

Down below is a pledge, YOU HAVE TO SIGN IT.

The unicorn population depends on it. Seriously. This is not a drill!

In all real life talk, accept the pledge to continue to be creative and fight that annoying “inner critic” monster that comes with making something of your own.

Use #DeerIY on all social media platforms. Recreating my DIY’s and showcasing them with your own twist, or other things you create, is worth sharing with us. #DeerIY clan for life!

Accept to post at least once a month, appropriate, original content. If you were inspired by someone else’s work, give credit and reference them. Us humans gotta’ stick together, or the unicorns will take over.

This is the action, this is you putting the money where your mouth is. Even if it is a quarter, which is literally in my wallet.

Accept the challenge to grow and make mistakes when it comes to creating.

Remember we are unknown magical creatures.

Because, creative you are my deer.

This isn’t a life binding contract like some Scientology thing, but it is an action I encourage you to take.

Just do it. Without the exercise and sweat.

Actually, DIYing should be a sport, sweat, tears, blood, first born children all go into it.

Just kidding….kinda.



A fellow deer