Making things new again

I received a light up letter “A” last year for Christmas from Michaels. It was a rusted brown colour, and recently something about it was not fitting in my room anymore. Instead of throwing it out, I gave it a mini makeover. I painted the inside of the letter blue. I made sure to take … More Making things new again

Pumpkin carving fun!

Thinking about Halloween, the first thing you think of is…… skeltons…no ghosts…no bats….no PUMPKINS….yes! Carving pumpkins is a staple when Halloween rolls around. It is an activity that not only children can participate in, like trick-or-treating but also adults…a grown adult asking for candy at your door step is not socially acceptable but bringing an … More Pumpkin carving fun!

Box of Hope

Ah, the Box of Hope! One of my fav DIY’s. I made this as a part of my sister’s graduation gift from UofT. A simple sentimental gift  that will have the heart melting for whoever you give it to! To start off you will need a wooden box, preferably with glass in order to see … More Box of Hope